race Captain Dave in the Port of Little Rock OR
Racewalking Adventures in Arkansas

As anyone knows who has hosted a racewalking clinic with Dave McGovern knows, it's a wild journey.  This weekend was no exception.  I'm happy to report that Dave left Arkansas with all his limbs intact.  But there were a few things that did occur along the way that might bear mentioning.

On the racewalking front, our leader for the weekend, Captain Dave introduced and lectured in bare foot splendor at the home of Dr. Gary Wood following a great pasta meal. (I was in charge of tearing lettuce.   Lots and LOTS of lettuce).  Fresh Carrot cake and host-provided beverage topped it off.  No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches here.  In attendance from our group was Bob Mullen and Jim Kerr.  Saturday found us at the track facing gates chained and padlocked. Dave did a quick run around the perimeter to try to find an opening, and I used my time constructively in quiet and determined panic. We were rescued after some time by a worker who arrived with key in hand.  The morning passed with Dave filming and instructing, lunch,  and off to the television studio at the UA Med Center for tape viewing, technique analysis, and a little Monte Python.  On the way back, Dave took the helm of the silver Toyota which I had, up until that point in time, considered a "Safe Family vehicle".  Under his piloting it became a careening hovercraft going full steam ahead with Dave trying to find a short cut  up and down the sharp, dipping  hills and ripping around corners (technique was illegal many times.  Definite lifting.  Definite)  Back at the track I was a bit seasick, but happy we were again is safe waters.  Those poor souls who had decided to follow my car back were a bit dazed.  We experienced smooth sailing for the relay race.  The group supper found us covering various topics including the nutritional and qualitative value of Captain Crunch Cereal—(Crunch Berries add to the value.  Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, for some reason, falls short of the mark.), whether the Arkansas State Police who came in long after our group would be served first (Yes.) and whether I could get Dave thrown out of Juanita's by the same Arkansas State police (yes. there is photo evidence).  A wild evening in the happening Port of Little Rock followed for those brave enough to join in (photos of Dave riding super piglet).  Jim provided entertainment.  Then the remaining group went into dry dock for rest and repair.  Saturday again found us in calm waters with lecture, lactate threshold tests  (think jelly fish..stinging, burning jelly fish), food and lecture/questions/ wrap up, and ...commentary by Jim.

It was amazing to watch Dave work with so many people who had so many different levels of abilities and goals. .  Not everyone wants to racewalk—not even all the people who attended this year's Arkansas clinic!  Yet  Dave was able to launch each one into walking waters armed with specific technique, ways to train to reach their goals, and some encouragement.

Good Job, Skipper.

—Teresa Bennett