Racewalking Clinic, Ontario
World Class Racewalking Clinic in Hamilton, ON, Canada

About Clinics

Dave has helped thousands of walkers of all abilities to walk faster with fewer injuries. There's no better way to improve your racewalking or marathon walking!

ALL abilities are encouraged to attend. Dave has the unique ability to put beginning walkers at ease while getting them up to speed, and at the same time challenging more advanced racewalkers to excel.

Please register early! Some clinics fill up early; others are subject to cancellation if fewer than 12 participants are registered within two weeks of the clinic. Also, if enough people sign up early Dave can arrange for special guest instructors to help out. Want an Olympian at your clinic? Sign up early!

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Guest Clinicians & Coaches

Guest clinicians and coaches have included:

  • 2000 Olympic silver medalist Aigars Fadejevs
  • 3-time Olympian Philip Dunn
  • 2-time Olympian Tim Seaman
  • US Women's American 50k Record-Holder Susan Armenta
  • Australian Commonwealth Games and World Cup team member Simone Wolowiec
  • Biomechanist/shoe designer, and World and Pan American Racewalk Cup team member Ian Whatley
  • World and Pan American Racewalk Cup Team member Dan Serianni
  • US National Team and Pan American Racewalk Cup Team members Loretta Schuellein-McGovern & Susan Randall
  • US National Team member Carolyn Kealty
  • US 75-Kilometer and 50-Mile Racewalk Record-Holder Augie Hirt
  • US Women's 50-Mile and 100-Mile Racewalk Record-Holder Lizzy Salvato
  • 4-time US World Cup Team member Steve Pecinovsky
Introduction to the elements of fast, efficient race walking/power walking

First evening* Friday evening dinners have been suspended due to COVID. Introductions now take place on Saturday morning!

Videotaping session to demonstrate areas needing improvement.

Day 1

Dynamic drills, max heart rate, and much more

Day 2

Robin Helm

Dave's clinic in Anchorage was terrific! I learned more in that weekend about going faster than I had in the previous six years combined.


Dave’s World Class Race Walking is the place to go if you want to attend a race walking clinic!

More Info & Advice . . .

About half of my clinic participants are complete beginners just wanting to learn the technique of racewalking or more efficent power walking, while others are more advanced walkers hoping to complete a faster marathon or to improve their 5k and 10k racing. We all all learn from and encourage each other.

You'll be doing some walking during the weekend--obviously! :-) so appropriate footwear is a must. Shoe designs change so frequently that by the time I mention a brand and model, it's no longer available. My general recommendation is to get a running racing shoe with a low-profile, and flexible sole. Most running/walking specialty stores can get you into a pair of racewalking shoes or a racewalk-suitable pair of running racing flats.

When filming each walker, I need to see some body parts moving. Shorts and a T-shirt or "singlet" (sleeveless racing top) are best, but anything that doesn't cover the knees will usually work. Lots of folks like to wear black tights or half-tights. "Slimming" as black may be, it makes it nearly impossible for me to see what's going on. If you wear tights, a lighter color makes my job much, much easier. Ultra-long basketball "shorts" (are they really "shorts" if they go all the way past the knees???) are also not such a good choice.

It may be hot and sunny at the track. Make sure you pack everything you'll need to protect yourself. Be prepared to: slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, slurp on a drink of water or sports drink.

It's not all walking. There will be lectures as well, so bring along pen and paper. You never know, I may say something you might want to remember!

We'll be using heart rate monitors during the clinic. Don't run out and get one if you don't already have one, but if you do own one, bring it along so you can use the monitor you're already comfortable with.

Snacks, energy bars, etc. Whatever it's going to take to get you through a couple of days of fun, fast walking, and classroom time.

Dear (spouse's name),

You know you're the light of my life, right? It's hard to imagine loving you any more than I already do. But in the back of my mind I keep hearing the words "absence makes the heart grow fonder." And I started thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could test that theory? So I've decided to be absent almost the entire weekend of (fill in clinic dates) to attend a racewalking/power walking clinic. It promises to make me faster, fitter, and better at my chosen sport, and do you know how happy that would make me? And you know how I get when I'm happy, don't you? Remember our honeymoon??? Ah, those were the days... And nights! Ah, to relive that wild week in (fill in location of honeymoon)!

And as much as you love me, I know you love the kids just as much. So in the spirit of giving, and at great personal sacrifice, I'm going to step back into the shadows and allow you the singular gift of spending the entire weekend with our precious bundles of joy! No need to thank me! A simple back rub and foot massage on Sunday night will surely be thanks enough.


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