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Just for Fun

The following are links to articles that were either written “just for fun” for my own amusement or to be sent to online racewalking discussion groups:

  • Williams Lake Triathlon: Advice from an Expert
    In which our hero swims like a rock, bikes without training wheels, and runs like a racewalker.

  • Galloway Bowling and Other Reasons to Hate "Mr. Marathon"
    Diatribe against Jeff Galloway and his army of run/walkers

  • Ghone to Ghana
    Travel log for Dave's racewalking coaching tour in Ghana, West Africa. Yes, the rat was delicious!

  • Weekly Racewalking Mileage vs. Intelligence

  • The Cuban Chronicles
    A travel log of a 5-week high-altitude training camp with Mike and Michelle Rohl in the wilds of New Mexico.

  • Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All...
    True story in which Dave is arrested while competing in a 20K race. Excerpt from Dave's book, The Complete Guide to Racewalk Technique and Training.

  • Advice For the Dog Days of Summer
    What to do if attacked by that friendly Pit Bull down the road--Originally published in the September, 1997 PaceLetter.

  • Training in Chiapas
    Diary of an altitude training camp in Chiapas, Mexico during the EZLN (Zapatista) rebellion, January, 1995.

  • Chinese Roadtrip
    A travel log of a week of training with the 1995 World Cup Champions, including a very eventful road trip to Miami and Disneyland. Includes photos.

  • ARCO-Lepsy
    On trying to stay sane at the ARCO Olympic Training Center

    Race Reports:

  • The Bus to Beijing
    Account of the 1995 World Cup 20 km trials.

  • National Invitational '97
    Race reports from the 1997 World Cup 10 km and 20 km trials races.