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Racewalking Article Archives—Dave's Digressions

These are links to some of my monthly columns from the Port City Pacers Running Club's newsletter, The PaceLetter.

  • Blood is Thicker Than...
    October, 2003—How changing weather affects your blood—and racing performance.

  • Heart Rate Based Training
    September, 2003

  • Do Great Things
    May, 2003—On leaving your mark on the world

  • Followed by Tragedy
    March, 2003—Dealing with tragedy by walking and running

  • To Each His Own
    June, 2002—On respecting athletes in sports other than our own

  • Diversity on the Roads
    May, 2002—Running and walking are for everyone

  • Monitoring Your Cheeseburger Threshold
    April, 2002—How your body turns McDLTs into PRs

  • Don't Fear Success
    February, 2002—Sometimes a great race can just sneak up on you

  • New Stuff, Renewed Spirit
    November, 2001—Can you shop your way to a PR?

  • Exhausted on Dauphin Street?
    October, 2001—The deleterious effect of carbon monoxide on athletic performance

  • Balancing Speed and Marathon Training
    September, 2001—Training for a marathon doesn't necessarily have to kill your 5K speed

  • Rain, Rain, Come and Stay!
    August, 2001—Rain offers a welcome break from summer heat

  • Concrete Thoughts
    July, 2001—Diatribe against concrete bicycle/running/walking trails

  • For a Faster Marathon, Drop LSD!!!
    June, 2001—Are you training too slowly?

  • Starting Where You Left Off
    May, 2001—Can cooling down help your next day's training?

  • Dear Diary...
    October, 1999—Using a daily log to improve your training

  • The Complete Workout
    September, 1999—On warming up and cooling down

  • It's the Economy, Stupid!
    August, 1999—Using short sprints to improve technique

  • Beginner's Pluck
    July, 1999—How to avoid looking like a geek

  • Fathers' Day
    June, 1999—A tribute to my Dad

  • Cinco de Mayo: 5 Training Tips from the Mexicans
    May, 1999

  • Taxing Returns
    April, 1999—Overcoming the fear of returning to training after a layoff

  • Scrooge's Guide to Shoe Buying
    December, 1998—A cheap bum's guide to shoe buying

  • News on Shoes
    November, 1998—How running shoes are made

  • Attack of the Killer T-Shirts
    October, 1998—What to do with your 12-year-old T-shirts

  • Racing Tough
    September, 1998—On mental toughness

  • Safety is as Safety Does
    August, 1998—Being safe on the roads

  • Dave's ASPCA-Approved Hot-Weather Training Tips
    July, 1998

  • Avoiding the DQ Club
    April, 1998—How to avoid getting disqualified

  • Southern Comforts
    February, 1998—Nutritional supplements, Southern style

  • Care and Feeding of Racewalking Injuries
    November, 1997

  • Heart Rate Monitors: Silver Bullets or Expensive Toys?
    August, 1997

  • Lactate and the Long Walk
    July, 1997—Using distance work to improve 5 and 10K performance

  • Racewalking for Runners: Cross-Training that Works
    June, 1997