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Dave McGovern, the only eight-time Olympic Trials finalist in US history, and America's most experienced racewalking and marathon walking coach and clinician, brings you World Class Racewalking, your one source for Dave's immensely popular clinic and camp information; Dave's published and unpublished articles; information on ordering Dave's books, The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training, The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking, and Precision Walking; information on hiring Dave as your private coach; racewalking and marathon walking training schedules racewalking news, race calendars and race results; a racewalking store featuring books, videos, DVDs, apparel and stretching and strengthening equipment, links to other great racewalking sites; elite athlete photos, age-grade and other calculators and more!

Why racewalk? Racewalking doesn't require expensive equipment and nearly anyone can participate, from beginning exercisers to Olympic athletes. Racewalking will give you a much better workout than "regular" walking, and it's much easier on your body than jogging or running. So what are you waiting for? Click something!!!

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February 11th, 2019
World Class Racewalking Clinics! In need of a technique tune-up or a little help with your training schedule? Want to lose weight or perhaps walk a marathon for your favorite charity? Better, faster walking is just a click away!
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World Class Racewalking clinics and camps are scheduled for the coming months in Tucson, AZ; Fayetteville, AR; Los Gatos, CA; Metro Atlanta, GA; Los Gatos, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; Locust Valley; Louisville, KY; and Galveston, TX! Click on the 'clinics' link for more information!!!

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