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America's most experienced racewalking, power walking, and marathon walking coach and clinician brings you World Class Racewalking/Power Walking. Racewalking and power walking don't require expensive equipment and nearly anyone can participate, from beginning exercisers to Olympic athletes. Racewalking will give you a much better workout than “regular” walking, and it’s much easier on your body than jogging or running. So why wait—take a look!

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This is your source for Dave's immensely popular clinic and camp information; Dave's published and unpublished Articles; info on Dave's books; how to hire Dave as your private coach; racewalking and marathon walking training schedules; store with books, stretching tools, Polar products, and apparel; and more!

Racewalking/Power Walking Clinics

Learn the elements of racewalking and power walking, improve your form, walk faster with fewer injuries.

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Dave has helped thousands of athletes achieve their goals over the past 35+ years.

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World Class Racing Team

Dave's racing team competes throughout the world in open and masters events.

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2024 Clinics

Sign up for a clinic to start feeling better and walking faster while having tons of fun!

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About Dave

Dave McGovern is America's most experienced and productive racewalking/power walking coach and clinician.

A 30-year veteran of the US National Racewalk Team with a master's degree in sport science from the United States Sports Academy, Dave has conducted over 500 walking clinics throughout North American as well as in Europe, South America, and Africa, since 1991. Many of Dave's clinic alumni have lost weight, bounced back from heart disease and diabetes, completed marathons, and many have won masters racewalking championships and set age-group world records. Oh, and yes, he's the guy racing NBA All-Star Chris Paul in the popular State Farm commercial getting heavy airtime on network and cable television!

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Thousands of people have benefited from Dave's clinics


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Upcoming Clinics

  • 2024 CLINICS
  • We're back on the road! After a two-year COVID hiatus, World Class Racewalking/Power Walking is back to a full schedule of clinics all over the US. Click for our complete 2024 schedule!
Tempe, AZ World Class Racewalking Clinics May 25-26
Tempe, AZ

Racewalking/Power Walking clinic led by Coach Dave McGovern.

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Berkeley, CA World Class Racewalking Clinics July 13-14
Berkeley, CA

Racewalking/Power Walking clinic led by Coach Dave McGovern.

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Bayville, NY World Class Racewalking Clinics July 27-28
Bayville, NY

Racewalking/Power Walking clinic led by Coach Dave McGovern.

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