Things to Do When You're Not Racewalking

2012 Dave McGovern--Dave's World Class

Buy shoes:At the moment, no major shoe manufacturers sell racewalking shoes. Most racewalkers are perfectly happy wearing running "racing flats," but very "big box" sporting goods stores or mall athletic shoe stores sell them. Running/walking specialty stores are your best bet, but many walkers resort to buying from the internet or catalogues. Among the best known and most racewalker-friendly are Sports 'N More, Eastbay and Road Runner Sports. They all sell excellent running "racing flats" as well as real live racewalking shoes, usually at discounted prices.

Sports 'N More:(800) 397-5480
Eastbay: (800) 826-2205
Road Runner Sports: (800) 551-5558

In addition, I keep a list of the best shoe deals on my web site at:

Get on-line: There is a group of about 500 racewalkers worldwide hooked up to a racewalking interest group. You'll find race schedules and results, experts to answer your racewalking-related questions, and reams of mindless chatter. Sign up by sending a blank e-mail message to:

There's also a marathon walkers group at:

And I have a World Class Racewalking Clinic alumni group at:

I also have a clinic alumni group on Facebook. Get there via

See how you rank! Tom Higbie compiles race results for masters (over age 40) racewalkers and posts them to the web at

Surf the Web: There are a growing number of racewalking web sites. My site, Dave's World Class Racewalking, has clinic information, articles, news and race results, an elite athlete photo gallery and links to lots of other walking-related sites. The address is:

Read all about it:

The Ohio Racewalker is a real "underground" publication, but very informative. It's a steal at $12 per year (12 issues). Race calendar, results and articles about racewalking can be had by sending $12 to Jack Mortland at:

Ohio Racewalker
3184 Summit Street
Columbus, OH 43202

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