Shoes for Walking Really Fast

From August '96 Walking Magazine

©1996 Dave McGovern-Dave's World Class

According to walking instructor Bonnie Stein of Tampa, FL, 95% of the people who start her racewalking classes are wearing inappropriate footwear--which is shocking since most are wearing "walking" shoes. Unfortunately, they're often the classic all-leather variety, perfect for moderate-speed fitness walking, but ultimately built more for durability than speed. And in Bonnie's classes, you're bound to eventually get going pretty fast--5 mph or more. So she recommends looking for fast walking shoes that fit the following bill:

Shoes from several different categories may suffice, including walk/run shoes, racewalking shoes, and even some lightweight running shoes, called racing flats. (these tend to have lower heels and more flexibility than most running shoes, making them much like their run/walk cousins.) Here are a few models that walkers in Bonnie's classes recommend:

-Saucony Instep RW; $60; (800) 365-7282

-Nike Air Current; $60; (800) 272-3648

-Adidas RaceWalk; $70; (800) 448-1796

-Reebok Roadwalker DMX; $70; (617) 297-4033

-Asics Wakiihuri Racer; $60; (714) 962-7654

-Mizuno Phantom; $65; (800) 966-1234

-New Balance RC 110; $50; (800) 253-SHOE

Update: For the latest shoe suggestions, go to Racewalking Shoe Reviews.

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