Spousal letter to get the weekend off for a racewalking clinic

Dear (spouse's name),

You know you're the light of my life, right? It's hard to imagine loving you any more than I already do. But in the back of my mind I keep hearing the words "absence makes the heart grow fonder." And I started thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could test that theory? So I've decided to be absent almost the entire weekend of (fill in clinic dates) to attend a racewalking clinic. It promises to make me faster, fitter, and better at my chosen sport, and do you know how happy that would make me? And you know how I get when I'm happy, don't you? Remember our honeymoon??? Ah, those were the days... And nights! Ah, to relive that wild week in (fill in location of honeymoon)!

And as much as you love me, I know you love the kids just as much. So in the spirit of giving, and at great personal sacrifice, I'm going to step back into the shadows and allow you the singular gift of spending the entire weekend with our precious bundles of joy! No need to thank me! A simple back rub and foot massage on Sunday night will surely be thanks enough.


(fill in your name)

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