From February '97 Walking Magazine

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Remember visiting the neighborhood shoe store when you were a kid? Mom smiled proudly, easing your fears as the salesman measured your little feet with a brannock device, then pinched the toes of each of the three or four pair you tried on for the best fit. Remember your most recent trip to the shoe store? It probably wasn't quite as memorable an experience.

No wonder 80% of Americans endure regular foot pain. Most people don't know the first thing about finding a properly fitted shoe--and many shoe stores don't offer very much help. If you've been experiencing "The Agony of Da Feet," follow these 5 easy steps before buying a new pair of walking shoes:

Get to know your feet and what to look for in a shoe. Although you might not find a pair of Buster Brown's in size 11-EEE, your feet will be so happy you may still walk out of the store feeling like a kid again.

Foot size and type will largely determine how well your shoes fit, but not entirely. According to Tom Brunick, director of the Athlete's Foot Wear Test Center, many fit problems can be solved by adjusting the lacing system of the shoes. The following are examples of lacing techniques designed to accomodate various fitting needs:

How to tie your shoes

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