The Complete Guide to Racewalk Technique and Training

The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training weighs in at a hefty 41 chapters—over 220 pages in six sections: Technique; physiology and training; psychology; "other stuff you need to do" (stretching, drills, weights, etc.); competition; and "loose ends" (miscellaneous stuff like tips for youth and masters walkers, advice on shoes and nutrition, etc.), plus special sections written by 15 U.S. National Racewalk Team members giving you their insights and opinions on racewalk technique and training.

Here's what others have to say about it:

"Dave has written the ultimate competitive racewalking book. The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training is a book of answers—a one stop resource for those thinking about entering competition and for those who have been competing and want to get better. It is well written, punctuated with humor and uniquely informative—an encyclopedia for serious racewalkers."

-Elaine Ward, Managing Director North American Racewalking Foundation


"The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training is easily the most complete and accurate source of racewalking technical information I have ever read. Dave has left no stone unturned in providing practical information on all aspects of racewalking for novice and veteran walkers alike—this type of Guide has been needed for years."

-Robert L. Bowman, Chairman IAAF Racewalk Committee


"The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training is a comprehensive training manual for those involved in competitive racewalking. It services both the novice athlete and the veteran, providing tips gleaned from many years of intense training and contact with some of the best coaches, physiologists and psychologists in the event today. If you are serious about racewalking, this book belongs on your shelf."

-Rich Torrellas, Chairman USATF Racewalking Committee


"Dave McGovern has produced a rarity in practical sports guides: not only is The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training full of useful information, but it presents that information with style, freshness, and—rarest of all—perspective."

-Seth D. Bauer, Editor in Chief Walking Magazine, Olympic bronze medalist


"Honey, when are you going to get a real job and make us proud?"

-Judith McGovern, Dave's Mom

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