Dynamic Flexibility Drills for Racewalkers

©1997 Dave McGovern--Dave's World Class

Flexibility training is an undeniably important part of racewalk training. And most walkers do spend some time stretching before or after training. But these stretches are usually static stretches. Static stretches can probably help prevent injuries and loosen tight muscles after training. But walking is a dynamic event that requires dynamic flexibility during training and racing. Try some of these before racewalking:

Leg Swing 1leg swing 2

Side Swing1Side swing 2

Hip Wanger 1Hip wanger 2

Knee Pump1Knee pump 2

Swedish Twist 1Swedish twist 2

Hurdler's Drill 1Hurdler's Drill 2

Torso Twist 1Torso twist 2Torso twist 3

The Twist 1

Arm Swings

Toe Touches

Long Arms

Quick Steps

Spending 5 or 10 minutes doing dynamic flexibility drills before each workout will give you better range of motion for your workout, and help you to develop lasting racewalking-specific coordination.

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